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{ Our all-natural Vitamin E Oil is essential for healthy skin and scalp because of its antioxidant properties that help protect the skin against aging, inflammation, and sun damage.  It also works well as a lightening agent for dark spots. Vitamin E oil helps increase blood flow which adds more shine and strenthens hair follicles. }



Castor oil’s richness in protein, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids is great for hair and scalp health. It helps hair growth by nourishing the hair from its roots, also heals and hydrates, which makes for a great treatment for most skin problems. Our castor bean based oil is meticulously mixed with other natural oils to bring the best remedy for any type of hair, scalp and skin issues. 



All-Natural Ingredients; 

  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • 0Castor Seed Oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil)
  • Lavender Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (Lavandula Angustifolia Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract) 

Flaunt All Natural Vitamin E Oil (bulk)

SKU: 00010-12
$83.76 Regular Price
$58.63Sale Price
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  • Each order contains 24 pouches in a display box.  30% OFF!

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